12 Best Luxury Infant Headbands of 2019!


Only the best and most luxurious will do for our babies. We expect the highest quality products made from the finest materials when it comes to our children, and luckily there are companies and products willing to go the extra mile for your precious newborns, toddlers, children, and teens! At No Slippy Hair Clippy, you can find unique luxury hair accessories for babies and girls. Explore vintage lace flowers, timeless pink bows, classic colors, and modern style.

Upscale your child’s wardrobe with the softest, high-end baby headbands!

Ava Stretch Headband

The Ava Stretch Headband is an adorably sweet baby bow headband for your precious newborn baby girl! Choose from a beautifully colored selection of baby bows on the softest, no-slip baby headbands that pair well with any style of baby girl fashion. Buy it now for $8.99

Changeable Baby and Toddler Headbands

This soft and stretchy nylon Changeable Baby and Toddler Headband comes in a versatile selection of colors to suit any girl’s wardrobe. As a bonus feature, you can clip on your favorite baby bows, flowers, or fun friends for a touch of flair and an entirely new look! Buy it now for $4.99

Eloisa Stretch Baby Headband

The Eloisa Stretch Baby Headband is luxuriously soft and pretty! A delicate chiffon soft petal rose is a timeless piece to add to her collection of quality baby hair accessories. Choose from a beautiful selection of colors for your little sweet pea. Buy it now for $10.99

Emerson S Headband

This delicate and sweet Emerson S Headband has a soft, wide, nylon band that fits both babies and young girls. This classic headband is adorned with an eyelet lace flower and pairs well with a variety of styles and fabrics from boho-chic to haute couture. Buy it now for $12.99

Evelyn Headband

The Evelyn Headband is a twirl in a tutu and flitter like a fairy kind of headband! The color selection for this dotted net twirl flower is spot on, and it comes on a wide, soft, nylon band that is perfect for babies and girls of all ages. Buy it now for $13.99

Gabriella Princess Crown Toddler Headband

Add a little sparkle with the Gabriella Princess Crown Toddler Headband. Dress up your little princess in this glitter and pearl crown toddler headband and crown her queen for the day! Buy it now for $15.99

Grace Headband

The Grace Headband is a dressy and sweet infant headband option for her very first photos, holidays, and special occasions. This handmade organza flower with dainty pearls in the center is a perfect infant headband for 2019! Buy it now for $9.99

Lauren Headband

The Lauren Headband is a chic and classy infant headband! This fun puff chiffon flower is the perfect addition to any baby hair accessories collection. Buy it now for $10.99

Lillian Headband

Bring your newborn angel home from the hospital in a Lillian Headband! It’s the perfect size chiffon flower with tiny sequins that sparkle and shine in the sun. Add a festive baby headband to her collection in any number of classic and modern colors. Buy it now for $9.99

Lindsey Headband

The Lindsey Headband stays in place, even baby-fine hair. This beautiful white baby headband with a handcrafted white silk flower and sequined center is simply divine! Buy it now for $9.99

Quinn Headband

The Quinn Headband is a versatile piece for babies and girls. This soft and stretchy nylon changeable infant headband has a fun, sparkly tulle puff flower in lavender, pink, or white. Buy it now for $12.99

Zoey Headband

One of the first baby hair bows you buy should be the Zoey headband. This elegantly tiny organza baby bow headband is delightfully dainty, just like your newborn, and is the finest ouch-free infant headband around! Buy it now for $8.99


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