A trip down celebrity No Slippy Hair Clippy baby lane...

No Slippy Hair Clippy's hair clips, headbands and bows are no strangers to the hair of the some of the world's most notable celebrity babies. I want to take this opportunity to take a stroll through cutie-ville, as we pause a few moments to "oooooo" and "ahhhhh" over some undeniably pinchable cheeks... and clippies! (Well I suppose hair accessories can't really be classified as pinchable, but you know what I mean... adorable!!)

The beautiful and talented Samantha Harris, from Dancing with the Stars, just loves No Slippy Hair Clippy hair accessories. Her daughter Josselyn has been seen wearing our baby hair clips on at least three separate occasions.

Here she is wearing our Olivia French Blue Bow. Look at those cheeks... I mean honestly *chomp*

Samantha and Josselyn Harris

And here little Josselyn is again, this time in our Charlotte Brown Clip. Look at that "Don't mind me, just a little milk drunk" expression... classic.

Samantha and baby Josselyn

In my humble opinion, Valentina Paloma, Salma Hayek's little angel, is unequivocally one of the most beautiful babies around. But I mean of course! With a mother like Salma, how could she not be easy on the eyes??

Salma Hayek with Baby Valentina

Supermodel stunner Christy Turlington's daughter, Grace is seen here on her 3rd birthday wearing a No Slippy Hair Clippy Birthday Fuzzy Cake Clip. I can't really decide which is cuter, Grace or the B-Day clip... oh who am I kidding, of course Grace "takes the cake" (sorry couldn't help myself) Look at that pout... she's really gonna knock all the preschool boy’s dead, eh?

Christy Turlington and Baby Grace

OK that's enough precious-ness for now. Don't want to over load you all at once!

Until next time...

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