Best Apps for Anxiety, Sleep & Inner Peace!

Technology can be a real blessing, especially for stressed out parents. There are many free apps that are calming and soothing, that give you a moment of peace, even in the midst of a colossal tantrum. Whether you have 5 minutes or 30, you can clear your mind, meditate, thwart anxiety, regain focus, and more. And better yet, your children can also benefit from these wonderful technological advances.

Discover the best apps of the year to sleep better, instill mindfulness, and calm your nerves.


The Calm app has aided millions of parents, children, and others with relaxation and meditation techniques. Experience more restful sleep, lower your stress levels, reduce anxiety through guided meditations, stories, breathing techniques, and soothing music.

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The DreamyKid meditation app was designed for toddlers, children, and teens to use daily for a more peaceful and happy life. Through guided meditation and visualization techniques, children learn proven methods to help with sleep, focus, studies, anxiety, ADHD, and more. Ambient background noise including nature sounds and music soothe the subconscious. Instill the importance of mindfulness in children with free apps.

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Cloud Baby Monitor

The Cloud Baby Monitor app is much more than your average monitor. The apps audio and video capabilities allow you to create a playlist of sweet lullabies, white noises, even mommy and daddy’s voices. This premium app provides sleep-deprived parents and babes with the restful sleep that everybody needs and deserves.

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White Noise Baby

The White Noise Baby app has the best selection of sounds, noises, and lullabies to keep your baby calm and at peace. Soothe your crying child with looped classical music that is sure to lull your fussy little newborn to sleep and pacify the worst of toddler temper tantrums. Downloading new sounds on the app is free and the app even tracks sleep cycles to share with your pediatrician.

Sleep peacefully with White Noise Baby tonight!
What’s not to love about free apps? These technological apps are helping both parents and children lead happier and healthier lives. Use the best apps available to improve cognitive functions, social and emotional skills, reduce anxiety and depression, increase focus and attention, as well as raising academic scores. Enjoy every minute of a healthy lifestyle with the best free apps of the year.

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