Best Baby Gear for Diaper Bags!

Obviously, new parents have infant care on the brain 24/7, but there’s no need to fit your entire nursery into a baby bag to be prepared. You can thwart the worst diaper disasters and toddler tantrums imaginable with a well-packed diaper bag full of essential baby stuff! Whether you are a first-time Mom or first-time Dad pack your baby bag with baby gear necessary when you’re on-the-go.

Follow these helpful baby tips for packing those diaper bags with baby essentials!

Diapers - You’re going to need plenty of these babies! From cloth diapers to disposables to training pants, an ample supply of diapers is a must. A changing pad is also a handy item found in most diaper bags for diaper changes on-the-fly!

Baby Wipes - You don’t need a large container packed unless you have multiple children or weekend travel planned. There are plenty of travel baby wipes and small reusable containers to bring along for diaper changes, potty accidents, and cleaning dirty faces.

Baby Bottles - Having one or two bottles and a few bibs handy is a good idea no matter how long you plan to be out. And don’t forget the formula, bottled water, breast milk, or your tot’s beverage of choice to keep those precious babes fed and hydrated!

Healthy Snacks - Pack a small snack for both children and parents. Baby food requires heavier packing with bibs, extra wipes, and spoons so healthy snacks for you and your toddler help lighten the load of your baby bag.

Baby Clothes - Definitely pack an extra set of baby clothes; accidents happen, and weather can change in an instant. Pack socks, an outfit, jacket or sweater, a hat for sunny days, even a winter hat if it fits the season.

A Blanket - It doesn’t have to be your baby’s favorite blanket, but blankets are great for lying on the ground, swaddling, providing warmth and comfort, or covering yourself during breastfeeding.

Baby Toys, Pacifiers & Teethers - You’re going to need to keep your little one comfortable and entertained whether at dinner, at the park, or on a long car ride. Packing age-appropriate baby toys are absolutely necessary, and having a pacifier to soothe their cries or a teether to help offset their teething pains will help you keep calm, cool, and collected!

Plastic Waste Bags - Plastic waste bags are handy helpers for both new parents and seasoned pros alike. Use them for soiled diapers, baby clothes, and wet baby gear.

Hand Sanitizer - Protect your kiddos and yourself from germs with a small bottle of hand sanitizer without depleting your stash of baby wipes!

Sunscreen - Whether is a bright sunny day or overcast and dreary, sunscreen is everybody’s friend. Stay protected!

Diaper Rash - There are plenty of diaper rash treatments on the market to help cure a baby rash. Have an extra tube of your favorite ointment, lotion, or salve to keep your baby’s bottom comfortable.

Tissues - Tissues are great for your nose and theirs. Pocket tissue is light and takes up no space in a diaper bag, and you’re going to use it!

Bandaids - If you have toddlers, they occasionally require a bandage. Accidents happen, and having a bandaid to put on the tiniest of boo-boos is super comforting to little ones - plus they love to show off their owies, so choose her favorite character or color!

Enjoy every outing with a well-packed diaper bag full of baby gear!

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