Best Birthday Cakes to Celebrate Girls!

It all about the cake! Here at No Slippy Hair Clippy, we know how important a birthday is to children and parents alike, and we’re happy to help you make your child’s celebration as special as possible. That’s why we support Mom Loves Baking for her divine decorating and delicious cakes! Discover how you can save money and impress your guests with beautiful homemade birthday cakes that taste heavenly.

Check out these amazing birthday cakes, from chocolate cake recipes to cakes for gluten-free diets to celebrate your child’s birthday in scrumptious style!

Happy Birthday Polka Dot Cake

This show-stopper, topped with a rainbow of sprinkled confetti, is full of colorful tasty layers. Dazzle your birthday girl with hidden pops of vibrant polka dots for a big birthday surprise!

Rainbow Sprinkles Polka Dot Surprise Cake

This super cute cake is a true birthday delight for children. The entire birthday cake is covered in rainbow sprinkles and contains hidden gems of brilliant color that will surely make her eyes sparkle with surprise!

Upside Down Ice Cream Cone Cake

You do not want to miss this amazing cake creation. Using your daughter’s favorite colors and flavors, you can create a spectacular birthday cake mishap – on purpose!

Chocolate Birthday Cake

Your birthday girl will love this chocolate cake with sprinkles. This chocolate classic is simply yummy – a Happy Birthday cake indeed!

Best Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Chocolate Cake

This layer cake truly one of the best gluten-free foods to serve at a birthday full of diverse party guests. It’s not only a beautiful cake, it’s a super easy version of a deliciously classic chocolate cake!

Explore No Slippy Hair Clippy’s collection of cakes for your beautiful angel on her birthday. Celebrate in style every day of the year!

Our Bianca Cupcakes toddler hair clips are hand stitched and super soft. Dress your birthday girl’s tresses with deliciously frosted cupcakes topped off with a cherry!

Our Birthday baby hair clips are mohair and crocheted birthday cakes to sit atop your precious angel’s head and are guaranteed to stay in place all day while you capture every moment of her special day!

Honor Birthday Cake girls hair clips are sweet and soft, just like your girl. Whether it’s baby’s first birthday or her 10th, these hair clips will make her feel just as special as the day you met!

Our Piper toddler hair clips are hand-stitched felt ice cream cones with decorative beads. What girl doesn’t love ice cream cones and cake on her birthday? Make her birthday wishes come true!

Presley Cupcake girls hair clips are a rainbow delight! The vibrant colored stripes and gemstones will add sparkles to your birthday girl’s eyes!

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