Best New Mom Apps & Baby Apps!

Pregnancy forever changes your life. It's exciting, yet terrifying, right?! Thankfully with technological advances, there are apps for new moms that are immensely helpful! It would be impossible for new parents to anticipate and prepare for every possible scenario, so we’ve put together a list of some of the best newborn apps and pregnancy apps with excellent ratings from thousands of parents. From the beginning of pregnancy to toddlers, Navigate pregnancy and parenting like you’re a pro with these baby apps!


Need Pregnancy Apps?

The Ovia Pregnancy Tracker new mommy app tracks weight, symptoms during pregnancy, nutrition intake, sleep habits, mood changes, supplements and medications, even exercise. Set a calendar, store pictures, and receive alerts with this app!

The Full Term - Contraction Timer app offers an easy-to-use contraction timer and more. Monitor weight gain and track baby with the kick counter!

Download Baby Names by BabyCenter to choose the perfect name for your little angel. Research name meanings, set filters for trendy or unique names, even invite your partner to the app and select names together!

SitOrSquat is vital if you're pregnant or have young children because finding a nearby toilet becomes imperative! Quickly find baby changing stations and public restrooms for on-the-go pit stops!


Easily Track Feedings, Diaper Changes & More!

The Baby Connect app helps create graphs and charts to monitor baby’s growth and development. Track medications and vaccines, set timers, and receive reminders and alerts. Record sleep patterns, moods, feedings, diapers, and milestones!

Sprout Baby offers an amazing baby feeding tracker app and a whole lot more. Record pumping, bottle times, even solid foods. Track activities, naps, diapers, development and growth, and medications with ease!

The Baby Feed Timer app is great for bottle feeding reminders and alerts, tracking which breast was used last, pumping, solid foods, diaper changes, sleeping habits, development, illnesses, temperatures, and medicines.


Watch Them Day or Night with Baby Monitor Apps!

The Cloud Baby Monitor app provides ultimate audio and video with unlimited range. Set motion and noise alerts, talk to your newborns or toddlers with live chat, and choose from a wide selection of lullabies, white noise, or create a playlist to lull your baby back to sleep from anywhere!

Baby Monitor 3G can be installed on phones, tablets, and computers. Hear every noise and watch each movement with live streaming. Soothe your babe from anywhere and select your favorite lullabies.

White Noise Baby is one of the best white noise apps for baby. Choose from a vast selection of soothing sounds, noises, and lullabies. Receive instant notifications and alerts for your infant to pacify and calm her instantly. Enjoy flawless streaming, a shutoff timer that gently fades the noises as your baby falls asleep, and tracking capabilities.

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