Free Baby Apps to Track Growth & Development

Parents and pediatricians alike are concerned with infants reaching developmental milestones, however, each child grows and develops at their own rate. No matter how many toys you put in front of them or encouragement you provide, they will do things in their own time. That’s not to say you should ignore the traditional guidelines for development altogether.

There are plenty of proud parents out there bragging about how quickly their infant started rolling, crawling, and babbling, how they potty-trained their babies before they reached the toddler stage, it is irrelevant to the growth of your newborn. Raising babies is not a race. New parents have plenty of things to do and be concerned about without the added stress of keeping up with the Jones’. Googling why your baby isn’t grabbing is the equivalent of searching the causes for a headache on WebMD. It will only instill unnecessary fear and panic.

Here are a few helpful mobile apps you can download for free and keep track of your baby’s developmental milestones to share with your pediatrician.

 CDC's Milestone Tracker

The CDC’s Milestone Tracker app monitors the milestones you child reaches for the first 5 years of life. Easily observe and record all of your baby’s movements, behaviors, and language skills. Use free tools to track multiple children, watch in-app videos, and review milestone demonstration pictures.

Download the CDC's Milestone Tracker App by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

 Glow Baby

This comprehensive baby tracking app focuses on the first year of life. Easily input data on every aspect of your baby's mental and physical development. Create charts to show daily patterns and compare your infant's development to established milestone standards for your pediatrician.

Download Glow Baby: Baby & Toddler Log by Glow, Inc. today!


This baby tracker app helps new parents record a child’s development, plot growth curves, and determine the exact percentile. for newborns, toddlers, even older children. Whether you have a newborn that is preterm, a toddler, teen, or college student, you can keep track of their stats for development.

Download Growth: baby & child charts by Clafou Ltd. now!


The Kinedu app offers daily activity plans tailored specifically to your child's age and stage of growth from infancy through 4 years of age. Explore entertaining ways to stimulate your child both physically and mentally with new fun activities every day. Read helpful age appropriate articles and track your child’s performance and responses. Easily compare your baby's growth and development to the recommended established standards to share with your pediatrician!

Download Kinedu: Baby Development App by Kinedu today!

 Sprout Baby

This popular tracking app helps parents track growth and development milestones, as well as create summarized reports on daily, weekly, and monthly progress. Easily monitor and share vital information with your baby’s pediatrician and streamline your visits with recorded data.

Download Sprout Baby (Baby Tracker) by Med ART Studios LLC now!

Technology is simplifying parenting these days. Take advantage of free mobile apps to ease anxiety, streamline your child’s health and keep track of your baby’s growth and development. And remember, every child is different and will do things when they are good and ready!

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