Princess Bauble for Toddlers & Baby Girls!

Your baby girl is your princess, a true gem, so why not give her a crown every day? Now you can purchase majestic bauble for her hair! Our unique handmade hair clips and hair accessories will make her feel like a queen, and not just on her birthday.

If you adore toddlers and tiaras, you’re going to love these royal accessories for baby and toddler hairstyles!

Cinderella is a handmade felt pumpkin carriage that comes in pink or French blue. If she’s a Disney girl and fairy tale fanatic, she’s sure to love this hair clip!

Emma is a pink and silver crown with gemstones that glimmer and shine as bright as she does. Help her sparkle and shimmer in the spotlight with regal hair accessories for girls!

Fiona Jeweled Crown is made with shocking pink felt and adorned with bling! Treat her like royalty with a gem as precious as she.

Gabriella Princess Crown headband is a tiara like no other! This glittery felt crown with sparkly tulle sits atop a wide soft nylon band and is available in pink or white. These headbands are fit for a queen of any age!

Hannah Princess Crown is a charming hair clip in shocking pink with an imperial gem. These sparkly hair accessories help her make a grand entrance, like true royalty!

Hannah pink mini crowns are perfect for baby girls. A dainty hair clip with a shiny gem is just what your toddlers need to make hearts skip a beat!

Ivy Birthday Numbers help celebrate baby’s 1st through her 4th birthdays. Big bold hair accessories are grand. And check out our birthday cakes ideas and tea party tips to mark these special occasions as well!


Fiona mermaid is a magical glittery lime sequined mermaid with crown. This sparkly little mermaid knows how to have fun! Help her take on a unique majestic style, unlike other toddlers and tiaras!


Have fun with toddler hairstyles! Give her baubles and bling! Celebrate your toddler’s imagination, personality, and interests every day with handmade hair accessories from No Slippy Hair Clippy!

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