Rainbow Baby Gifts for Fun Rainbow Girls

When you’re on the hunt for fun, unique baby gifts, only safe, durable, heirloom-quality products from reputable companies will do. The Natural Baby Company is one of those go-to companies for quality baby gifts for girls.

Give your girls the gift of brightly colored rainbows. Rainbows are wondrous and delightfully fun for little rainbow girls. Explore these sweet rainbow baby gifts.

GroVia Rainbow Baby Reusable Swim Diapers are perfect for all sorts of water play. They’re functional and fun, with an adorable rainbow printed waterproof outer and soft terry liner.
Grimm’s Rainbow Boat is a fun heirloom-quality gift for girls. This rainbow teether with wooden beads is a grasping toy for your precious newborn rainbow girls. It’s made from alder and maple wood with a unique appearance and character, colored with non-toxic water-based stain, and finished with a non-toxic plant-based oil.
Grimm’s Rolling Wheel Rainbow Colors inspires children to get moving! Your rainbow girls will love chasing after the bell sounds and rolling bright colors of the rainbow. It’s made from lime wood with unique characteristics and stained with non-toxic water-based colors.
Little Pitterpat Crib Shoes stay on your baby's feet! These cozy little shoes with rainbows are made of soft velour and handmade in the USA. Each piece is hand-cut and sewn with love for your little angel.
Little Pitterpat Non-Slip Shoes a great for new walkers with their unique grippy soles providing traction and stability and stay on your active tykes’ feet. These rainbow beauties are handmade in the USA, hand-cut and sewn with premium quality.
Briar Handmade Sundance Bonnet with rainbow stripes is made from natural linen and cotton. This adorable sun hat is perfect for sunshiny days alone or adorned with a fun rainbow hairclippy.


You mustn’t miss these rainbow-inspired hair accessories for girls on No Slippy Hair Clippy!

Harlow Unicorn Toddler Hair Clip is a sight to behold. This majestic unicorn with hair all colors of the rainbow sits atop a super soft baby hair clip and stays in place.

Presley Candy Heart Baby Hair Clip is one of the most beautifully unique rainbows in our collection. Show her how big your heart is with a rainbow heart toddler hair clip!

Presley Cupcake Toddler Hair Clip is a brightly striped cupcake with shiny stones to brighten the sparkles in your baby girl’s eyes.

Korkers Ponytail Ribbons are super soft and fun at any age! Our ponies don't hurt, and they are a colorful addition for your little girl’s hair accessories and fashion fun.

Rylee Heart Baby Hair Clip is a big multi-colored heart inspired by rainbows. This rainbow girl’s hair accessory is a great gift for girls - soft, bright, and made in America!

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