Raising Children & Puppies!

The joy puppies bring to children far outweigh the frustration of training a new puppy. You’ve already baby-proofed your home which is the first step for bringing home a new family pet. And, raising babies is a lot like training a new puppy: there’s potty training, feeding schedules, loads of messes to clean up, and drool galore!

Cribs and Crates

Use tried and true parenting concepts for raising babies and puppies together. Much like using a crib as a peaceful, quiet resting place for your child, puppies take comfort and rest in a crate. You will need safe, durable toys that go straight into their mouth for fun and exploration in their new world.

Establish Boundaries

Setting boundaries is easily established with baby gates and closed doors, so long as you enforce the rules. It’s also important to teach physical boundaries. Your baby will be grabbing and pulling as a form of play just as you puppy will nip and lick as they learn to cohabitate with their new human family. Teaching them both to behave properly can bring a great deal of joy into the home!

A Girl and Her Dog

Little girls love to talk to and care for stuffed animals, so why not a real one?! She will love and brush her pet without being asked; she will feed and care for a puppy as if she were the mother! With a puppy companion at home, your child will never be bored or lonely. And the best part, she can still play dress up with her pup!

No Slippy Hair Clippy baby hair clips are perfect for playtime.

Fifi Puppy baby hair clip is oh-so-sweet! Purchase a pair for your lovely little duo to share; they are durable, safe, and stay in place all day long. Encourage hygiene habits with fun accessories!

Winnie Dog toddler hair clip takes the cake! Watch your child grow and play happily with their best friend and companion and strengthen their bond with matching accessories that are just as unique and special as your family.

Enjoy the Experience

Watching you child smile, laugh, and love their family pet brings great joy into the home, teaches children responsibility, and helps bring feelings of calmness. Caring, compassion, and empathy are also positive traits acquired though pet ownership and your puppy will be loyal, love, and protect your family day or night, rain or shine.

Worried you won’t be able to handle raising children and puppies at the same time? Check out Raising Puppies & Kids Together: A Guide for Parents for reassurance!

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