The cutest baby hair accessories on the net!

Looking for beautiful hair accessories for your little doll face, but not looking to break the bank?

Well then check out our limited-edition clippies. On sale now, super cheap, and super cute too.

Did I mention that they are limited edition hair accessories for girls... meaning that once they have sold out, no more will be made!

They are the perfect for baby shower gifts, birthdays, to adorn your cutie with a little flair, or maybe you are just sick of your baby girl being mistaken for a boy and need a girly bow atop that fine wisp of hair to set the record straight.

Polka Dot Hair Clip for Babies by No Slippy Hair Clippy

Amanda Elkins Photography©

Flower Hair Clip for Baby Girl

Amanda Elkins Photography©

Bright Green Baby Hair Clip

*I know first-hand about this annoyance by the way, not until my niece was 3 did the random passerby stop exclaiming: "Oh what a perfectly handsome little boy!" Grrrrrrr… Has this happened to you? Please do tell us about it, misery loves company after all. ;)*

OK, I am done ranting for now.  Back to the super awesome No Slippy Hair Clippy deals and must haves!

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