Top 10 Back-to-School Tips Busy Parents Need To Know!

Top 10 Back-to-School Tips Busy Parents Need To Know

Survive the school year and keep your sanity in the process! Maybe your kiddos are happy to go; maybe they’re angry about it. Either way, ease them into the daily routine of early breakfast, getting dressed, and so on. Start implementing these changes weeks before the first day of school to get them ready for the back-to-school grind. Organize their shoes, closets, and drawers, and have them lay out the next day’s clothes and accessories in the evening. With our helpful life hacks, you can create a routine that is positive, fun, and healthy for the whole family.

Explore these ten tips to keep your sanity!

  1. Stop self-sacrificing. Parents are always putting their children first, but that’s only undermining your parenting. If your life is unfulfilled and incomplete, it’s much harder to nurture your children. Find the right combination of happy activities to offset the stressful moments you’ll encounter while raising kids.
  2. Be positive! Take time to clear your head or meditate and participate in physical activities you enjoy. Your mental health directly affects your happiness, energy, and physical health. Your positive state of mind will rub off on everyone around you!
  3. Have house rules. Consistency is key to a happy home. Having a set wake-up time, bedtime, or light’s out time, even for teens, is necessary. Set realistic screen-time boundaries and study times. Expectations help teach children of all ages responsibility and respect.
  4. Divvy up the chores! If you’re married, split the mundane duties around the home or do them as a team. And, get the kids involved. Teach them self-reliance, responsibility, and good work habits. Even toddlers can perform simple household tasks. Keep those kids busy and work off your plate - Delegate!
  5. Let them help with meal prep. While it may seem easier and less time consuming to do it all yourself, have the kids help with dinner. Reading directions, gathering and measuring ingredients teaches them about foods, how they are stored and prepared, as well as basic reading and math skills.
  6. Keep them calm. Aside from your positive mental attitude, there are productive ways to deal with tantrums and outbursts from the kids. Apps like Calm and DreamyKid promote mental health, help keep the peace, and create a happier home life!
  7. Plan ahead. Whether you prefer a physical planner, a fridge calendar, or the best apps like, Cozi, or Toodledo, planning creates consistency and reduces stress, missed appointments, and commitments. But don’t over-commit because you have a void in the schedule. Take your time before saying yes to all the extras life can throw at parents.
  8. Actively help with school. Open their backpacks. Discuss their school day. Help with homework, even when their studies are beyond your knowledge. Taking an active role in their studies keeps them interested in doing the best job they can. And don’t forget to have them pack their bags and ensure they have all the supplies and homework packed to avoid missed assignments or materials.
  9. Take time for creativity. Bust out the finger paints. Grab a coloring book and crayons. Draw stick figures in glitter glue. Creativity reduces stress and boosts happiness for both you and your children!
  10. Make time for fun. It’s easy for busy parents to forget about spontaneity. Create an impromptu treasure hunt, buy a joke book, pretend you’re secret agents, hold a fire drill - just have spur-of-the-moment fun times to laugh and bond over!

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