The Clip That Stays In

Made in the USA.

We are a premier children’s hair accessories company specializing in no slip hair bows and headbands for moms everywhere who prefer higher quality. Proudly made in the USA, we make the world prettier, one girl at a time.


What makes our baby & toddler hair clips different?
• Each clip is hand-wrapped in soft Swiss velvet
• They’re comfy and ouch-free in her hair
• They come with a FREE hanging strip
• It’s the clip that stays in, we guarantee it


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What makes our baby headbands different?

• We use a unique, high quality elastic from Europe
• We cover the seams in velvet for better comfort
• They won’t leave marks on her delicate head
• Made with Impeccable quality, no one does it better

As a leading baby hair accessories company, we know that details make the difference. For instance, our baby headbands are not only cute, but the band is also soft. Why? Because infant headbands that aren’t soft can leave a mark on a fragile little head. We take the same approach with our entire line of baby hair clips and even our older girls hair accessories. We begin by wrapping the metal clip in a plush velvet ribbon, so that it forms a soft cushion against her head, and stays in place in just a few strands of baby-fine hair. Soft baby and toddler hair clips that don’t slip out, what a concept! You don’t have to take our word for it, just browse the testimonials of real moms who think our baby hair bows are the best anywhere.