Baby & Toddler Hair Accessories 101

There are many choices out there for baby hair accessories, so how do you choose? In this guide, we will cover the different types of hair accessories we offer, and why they are in our collection. You see, we’ve been making baby hair clips and baby headbands since 2000, when we founded the whole “no-slip hair accessories” category for babies and girls. We only design the highest quality, most functional baby and toddler hair bows, and we have extensive knowledge working closely with retailers and moms. Thus, we’ve acquired valuable information that we’d like to pass along to you, to help you choose the appropriate hair accessories for your baby girl.


Hair Clippy 101

What Makes Our Hair Clips Different?

*They’re guaranteed not to slip (unless she tugs on them)

*The metal clip is wrapped in soft velvet (so they’re comfy, and won’t damage her hair)

*They meet or exceed world-wide child safety laws (tested by certified 3rd party lab)

Baby Hair Clips 101

Baby Hair Clips
No Slippy Clips begin with a custom metal clip (before we apply the velvet ribbon) that is lead-free and cadmium-free, and is also hypo-allergenic. We’re aware of no other company that offers this clip type. This is one of the reasons that our products pass all child safety regulations world-wide.

Our Clip Types:
 1-1/4" Mini Alligator Clip | Standard 1-3/4" Alligator Clip | 2-3/8" French Clip

Here's Rule Number 1: Not all hair clip types are the same!

Clip Types

1-1/4" Mini Alligator Clip

Fits newborn to 3 years, or whenever you prefer a smaller clip to pull back a little bit of hair.

1-1/4" pinch alligator clip, with a slight curve, that can hold the tiniest wisps of baby fine hair. This clip is fully lined, with a plush velvet ribbon from Europe, that's super soft and comfy, and always no-slip and ouch-free!

Standard 1-3/4" Alligator Clip

Fits newborns (with hair) to adults.Tip: Older girls like to slip this clip under ponytails.

Our 1-3/4" signature pinch alligator clip, our most popular clip type, can be worn by babies with some hair, to adults. This clip is fully lined with plush velvet from Europe, which is super soft and comfy, and always no-slip and ouch-free!

2-3/8" French Clip

Fits babies and toddlers (with lots of hair) to adultsTip: A great clip for sports enthusiasts, it won't budge, even when doing back flips!

Our 2-3/8" French Clip is a great choice for girls with thick or curly hair. We fully line the top so if's finished in velvet, and wrap a piece of soft velvet around the center clasp. This makes the clip no-slip and ouch free!

Fits toddlers (with hair) to adults.Tip: Older girls like to slip this clip under ponytails.

Baby Headbands 101

No Slippy Hair Clippy® specializes in baby, toddler, and little girl’s headbands. All our headbands are soft, stretchy, non-marking, and no-slip.  We scoured the world for the softest stretch elastic, and found several types that work beautifully, and are certainly not common in the market place, and are unique to our brand.  Here are some details about our elastic bands:

 (Note: Our organdy elastic headbands include velvet-covered seams as shown below, which eliminates any possible scalp irritation where the band comes together, and ensures a beautiful finish. We offer two different widths for this headband type)

Choosing A Headband

3/8" Newborn/Baby Headbands

First 0-6 months and 6-24 months.

Our 3/8” narrow stretch organdy elastic band is one of our most popular newborn and baby headbands. Not only is the stretch material soft and stretchy, but it’s also non-marking!

5/8" Baby Headband

Our 5/8” wide stretch organdy elastic band is another great option for newborns to bigger girls. Soft, stretchy, non-marking and no slip! It’s an excellent choice as a first headband!

Fits 0-6 months, 6-24 monthsGreat first headband!

Changeable Headbands

Soft, 1-1/2” nylon knit headband with an interchangeable loop in the center to attach a hair clip.

Fits newborn to 10 years.

Headbands & Ponies

1-1/2” Soft Nylon Knit Headbands

This is the same nylon knit headband we use for our Changeable Headband, and it’s super soft and stretchy!Fits newborn to 10 years

Ponytail Holder

Alia flower pony– Our true baby/toddler pony, made for infants and toddlers with little hair.Small terry pony, for a soft and comfy hold.

Korker Ponies

Soft, no-slip, and ouch-free ponies! Our ponies are a No Slippy Hair Clippy® original! Our Korker ponies are on a soft, stretchy nylon pony elastic, best worn by toddlers with hair to big girls. No Slippy® ponies will not hurt when pulled out, and they won’t break or damage your little girls hair.