Every once in a while, something comes along that fills a need and makes a difference. That is exactly what happened back in 2000 when I couldn’t find baby bows anywhere that would stay in my daughter’s fine hair. It didn’t take too many conversations with other parents to realize that this was a universal problem for moms everywhere.

My frustration at not being able to find a bow that would stay in prompted me to try out some ideas of my own. After lots of trial and error it was clear to me that a velvet-wrapped clip was the best answer. Velvet comes with so many advantages; It’s elegant, comfy in a baby girl’s hair, and doesn’t slip at all. This was a very exciting discovery!

As you might imagine, this little idea caught on. We called it the No Slippy Hair Clippy, and it became the world’s first no slip hair clip for babies, toddlers and girls. Other people have created their own versions of a no-slip product since we first invented it, but our unique and elegant clip has stood the test of time, and remains the most trusted by moms.

As time went on, our little customers began to grow up, and we had to grow with them. We continued introducing new product ideas, and now offer an entire line of baby headbands and ponies to complement our baby hair clips. If your daughter is older with more hair, a French clip adorned with one of our bigger bows is a wonderful choice!

Please take a moment to browse our testimonials. You’ll be surprised at how much we are adored by moms who finally found no slip hair bows that really work! Perhaps that’s the reason we’ve been featured in so many leading magazines. After all, we are making the world prettier, one girl at a time!