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I just wanted to say thank you so much for the awesome hair accessories for my little one and the extra hair clippy shirt. I simply love how these clips are so soft and stay in place effortlessly. I’ve already told my other friends with babies to check you out!

Rachel **  Encino, CA

Violet and I love your hair clippys.  Thanks for keeping her feminine and fashionable.

-Kelly and Violet **  Aspen, CO

I am very happy with my purchase from your company! Your hair clips are obviously made with lots of care and attention to detail. I am truly appreciative of all the love that goes into each clip. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!

-Melody **  Ontario, Canada

My little daughter likes your clips very much!

-Yeat Xf ** China

 I have been spreading the word about your products - I love them!  This is my second order so far and not my last!  My daughter was born with so much hair and I just can't get it cut at only four months old yet it keeps going in her face, lol. I have not been able to find any barrettes that will stay in her hair and that look adorable while not bother her.  Am thrilled another mom at my older child's school told me about you!

The fast response and thorough customer service by correcting the issue with my order adds to my great satisfaction with your company!

-Sandi ** Pennington, NJ

We just love your clips and with Lindsay's wild hair she definitely makes use of them daily. Thanks!

-Regan ** Wantagh, NY

Thank you so much because I really, really love your clips...they are the only ones that stay in my 15 month old daughter's hair!! I also forwarded you a picture of my little "Princess" wearing one of your clips!!!
Thanks again!"


I received my new bows the other day and I am so happy with them. I was able to take my triplets out in public in BLUE outfits, and because of the bows (that stayed in their hair!), no one thought they were boys! It was great!


LOVE your site and the clips. A friend bought one for my daughter when she was born... the "Nicole" (3 baby flowers). She wears it all the time! She is 9 months old. Here's a picture of her at Easter with it.


I was struggling, as most mothers of little girls are, to find a hair clip that would stay in my daughter's hair. I tried many clips that just slid right on out of her hair. Finally, I went to a kids' "hairdresser" and lo and behold, what did I find, but a stylish hair clip that held my daughter's hair up!!! Yeah... I located the No Slippy Hair Clippy website and saw an abundance of cute clips to choose from, which was great! She absolutely adores all of her clips and tries to reach out and pick one every day to go with her outfit!! Too cute! Thanks for a great product that we will be buying for years to come! 

-Sandra ** Halifax, MA

I never thought I'd find bows that would stay in my twins' super fine strands of hair but these do! I love that I can take them both out with me now, and no one thinks that they are boys. They are easy to put in, they stay in, and the girls leave them alone. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this great product.

-Amy** Chambersburg, PA


Zoey Lou was so excited to wear her new hair clip to her Halloween party today. She kept pointing to the ghost and saying, ”BOO”. Thanks again for making such a well-constructed product that I know will stay in place all day at daycare!

-Bridget ** Harmony, MN

No Slippy Hair Clippy is the only hair clip brand that we choose. Once you use it, you won't go back to others!

-Clara ** Ontario, Canada

We love your hair clippies! They are the only clips that stay in Violet's hair. The quality is fantastic! We love that the clip is covered in velvet so it does not damage her fine hair! We get so many compliments on them, especially the Kiersten flower clip. Thank you for your products, and we can't wait to buy more!

-Clare ** Oak Park, IL

I just wanted to say thank you! I received two hair bows from your company as a shower gift... And I love them! I recommend them to all new mommies who have little girls! My big thank you comes from my appreciation for your fast shipping. I ordered them and like three days later they arrived in time for a trip we were taking. My little one looked soooo cute with her styling bows!

-Korina ** Ripon, Ca

I love your clips. This happens to be the only clip on the Market, that does not fall out or she does not pull out of her hair. I just wanted to say thanks for making my life easier doing Miley’s hair.

-Arlene **  Davis, Ca 

Thank you! My grandbaby turns "2" on Friday - and we just love the no slippy hair clippies - Riley Rose has hair past her waist now!


These clips really work!! Thank you for making such a great product. (...and oh so cute!)

-Bridget ** Preston, MN

This is beyond obsession! Thanks, & keep up the great work!

-Valerie (and Jenna) ** Old Bridge, NJ

I am so in love with your No Slippy Clippy's. They are the best clips out there for babies. I am so amazed how well the clips stay in my daughter's hair. They are the only clips out there that stay in her slippery hair. I can't wait to keep adding to her collection!

-Michelle **  Burlington, NJ

We love no slippy hair clippies! I have had so many compliments on the precious bows that we have ordered from you for my daughter. Her hair is extremely fine and sparse--these clips work, and they stay put... trust me!

-Crystal **  Temple, TX

I just received my clips and I wanted to tell you they work great!! I have spent so much money on others and these really work!! Thank you for making such a great product!!

-Stefani ** Lennon, MI 

My daughter, Addison, has super soft, fine hair. We discovered No Slippy Hair Clippy when she was a little over 1 month old. She's now almost 5 months old and we still use them every time we go out! They are a great accessory to have, and I'm so glad we found them!

-Nikki ** Lugoff, SC

We have been using the No Slippy Hair Clippy for 6 1/2 months now. It is unbelievable to me that everywhere we go, people still comment on my daughter's clips. They just can't understand how they stay in so well. I have told 3 people where to get them in the last two days. Thanks again for creating such wonderful and fun clips.

-Patti **  Cincinnati, OH

Yesterday, I met the fabulous ladies of No Slippy Hair Clippy at one of the Golden Globe suites, here in L.A. They were so sweet and wonderful, and it was such a pleasure to meet them in person, and to personally thank them for creating an amazing hair product. I promised I'd send them pics of Livvy in her No Slippy Clippies. The best thing about these clips, for a baby like Olivia, is that with them in her hair, there is no question that she is a girl! Often, boy and girl babies kind of look the same, and people don't always know if it's a girl, so I try to make her look feminine by using hair clips. But babies at her age often have very little hair (or it's super-fine like Livvy's), so no other hair clips stay in. The No Slippy Hair Clippy actually STAYS IN her hair! It's such a wonderful product, and they are such wonderful ladies.

-Zorianna Kit ** TV Guide

We tell everyone we know about No Slippy Hair Clippy's!! We got this shot as her brother tried to make Haylie laugh while at the portrait studio. She wears a No Slippy just about everyday. LOVE THEM! THANKS!!!

-Melissa ** California

I can't stop buying your clips!!! I LOVE THEM!!!! Keep up the great work!

-Valerie ** Bayonne, NJ

I bought some of your fabulous hair clips for my wee girl & I love them! She has a lot of hair & the clips keep it right out of her eyes - I've tried other clips, but none of them ever stay in. We had you ship them all the way over to Scotland, UK & people always ask us where we get her great clips! Gabriela is now 16 months old and I've attached a photo of her wearing one of her hair clippies.

-Eilidh **  Isle of Lewis, Scotland, UK

Great product, wonderful designs and helpful staff- keep up the great work!!!

-Karyn **  Dracut, MA

I am in love with the No Slippy Hair Clippy products! I bought some on-line, and then found them at a nearby boutique shop! After two boys, it is so much fun putting the beautiful clippyís in my daughterís hair and having them stay in. Thank you for a great product- Iíll be back!

-Marianne **  Florida

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your hair clips! They were delivered just in time for my daughter's 6th month pictures! I have attached two pictures of her. Thanks for making a great product! I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you! Have a Great Day! 

-Sara **  Mayfield Heights, OH

Love the clips, they are so adorable that I bought them in just about every color. They really stay in place & my daughter doesn't mind having them in her hair!

-Liane **  Aiea, HI

I just bought hair clips from your website for my baby girl and I just love it! I can finally have her out with a clip that will not fall off! And she looks so cute with it! Here is a picture! Thank you,


My 4 month old barely has any hair yet. I thought I would have to wait a long time before she could wear bows. I was very surprised and thrilled when your bows actually stayed in. I LOVE THEM! Thanks!


Cincinnati, OH

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for creating such beautiful and fun designs. Your clips truly stay on my baby's hair and are adorable !!!! Sincerely,


Hi, I love your clips!! Haven't gotten any "girl or boy?" in a while. Thanks!

-Caroline **  Hawthorne, NJ

I absolutely love No Slippy Hair Clippy! We first received one as a gift, but after loving it so much, I tried to get one in almost every color, so that my daughter can wear one every time we leave the house. We always get compliments on how cute she looks with her little hair bows. And since they don't pull her hair out, and stay in so well, it's easy to have her wearing one all the time. I also love how quick and easy they are to clip into the hair...since baby girls aren't known for holding still while Mommies try to do their hair! In addition to the wonderful product, the customer service that I received was outstanding. They are so helpful and friendly! 

-Ana ** Alviso, CA

I just want to tell you how much I love these clips! My 6 mo old daughter has hardly any hair and these work great! Thanks again!! 

-Dianna ** Orange County, CA

My daughter was born with a ton of hair and I was referred to No Slippy Hair Clippy. I absolutely love these clips and they look fantastic in her hair. I wanted to send you a picture of her wearing one of your clips. She is five months old now, and these clips work great!!! If you ever need another "hair" model or if you want more pictures of her wearing your clips, please let me know.

-Lori ** Pittsburg, PA

Thank you so much for your donation to Kendal's oncology clinic. Your donation was SO generous. The first thing I noticed when I put them in her hair was that she didn't say "Owie" like she usually does when I put a clip in her hair. The non-pointed edge and velvet wrap make them very comfortable for her. The child life specialist commented that, "they really work" meaning that they don't fall out of the patient sí short hair. They will be so great for the little girls whose hair is coming back after chemotherapy. I know they will feel pretty and will no longer be mistaken for a boy. 

-Janelle  ** Sacramento, CA

This is quite possibly the single most "I can't live without" when having a little girl. I never thought (with having a boy first) that I'd be into bows, but as soon as I received your product I was hooked!!! My husband lost her red bow, I went nuts- "How could you lose the red one" eventually it turned up-he couldn't understand they are investment pieces and a necessity!!! The best product I've purchased by far!!! We love it!

-Lori  ** New Jersey

Just want to let you know how WONDERFUL I think your product is... Before my daughter was born I always dreamed of putting beautiful bows in her hair and make her look like the little girl she is. Well needless to say, my daughter Amelia Grace who is 5 months old still does not have a lot of hair. I tried your clip (that I bought before she was born) and Presto! The little hair she does have the clip was able to stay in. I am enclosing a picture so you can see for yourself. I want to thank you for making little girls look like little girls. Your product is WONDERFUL, and I told and showed all my friends and relatives the story and picture along with recommending your NO SLIPPY HAIR CLIPPY.

-Amy  **  Boca Raton, FL

Hi, I just received my hair clips for my 7 month old daughter and I am so thrilled. I have bought several other clips which claim to be non slip but they fell short of expectations. My daughter have LOTS of fine hair which is constantly in her face and eyes. Your clips are fantastic and beautifully made I feel very happy for her to wear them. Can't wait to buy more. Also wondering what is the most cost effective way to ship to Australia. Thank you

-Ralene  **  Australia

I absolutely LOVE your products... Outstanding quality, design and  looks. My little baby girl looks like
a princess with your bows!!!

-Silvina  **  Lake Worth, Fla

Hi, I wanted to send you an email to thank you for your outstanding service. My wife and I ordered hairclips from your company and had to have them in two days. I emailed your web site address and we received emails and phone calls from Jennifer, a member of your staff. She went above and beyond to make sure we received our hair clips when we needed them. I will continue to spread the word to all our friends and family that you are the company to order from. Your service is outstanding, and your packaging is great - we love the pink strap to hang the clips on! Thank you so much.

-Mark  **  East Stroudsburg, PA